UPDATE: Art Briles Will Not Speak at the AFCA Convention Tuesday


Never mind, Art’s speech is cancelled. So...disregard

For the first time since his dismissal in May of 2016, Art Briles will speak publicly, supposedly about what went wrong during his tenure at Baylor. Briles is on the speaking schedule at the American Football Coaches Association Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. The purpose of Briles' speech is to help educate coaches on what went wrong at Baylor and the corrections they should learn, according to AFCA executive director Todd Berry. That statement alone should fill the ballroom with eager ears and the leering press. 

Briles, through various channels including his former coaches and players, has denied responsibility for the failure at Baylor. He's also been operating under a gag order according to the terms of his buyout/dismissal from Baylor. Briles attempted to talk with Paula Lavigne, the author of "Violated: Exposing Rape at Baylor University amid College Football’s Sexual Assault Crisis," even getting as far as receiving written questions from Lavigne, but, according to Briles, Baylor wouldn't give permission to move forward. 

Maybe Tuesday will be much ado about nothing. Chances are Briles stays to some safe, predetermined, talking points, but the AFCA conference, an industry networking opportunity, allows Briles his first opportunity to begin to rebuild his shattered reputation publicly. 

Expect folks in Waco to be watching Tuesday's proceedings closely. They've worked hard to try and put the scandal behind them, and would rather not have the entire subject brought back into the spotlight, especially in a manner where they don't control the message. Anything short of contrition from Briles and the relationship between Baylor and their former coach might get testy and litigious again. .  

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