UTSA Tries to Find Offense Against La Tech

UTSA sits atop the CUSA West standings thanks to a buffet stocked with the bottom of CUSA West. After wins over UTEP and Rice, the Roadrunners now face a true CUSA West contender in Louisiana Tech, and they get them in the Dome.

UTSA’s offense is one of the worst in college football and after six weeks and given the opponents they’ve played; it’s not going to get much better. We’ve come up with a few keys to patchwork an offensive attack to combat the Bulldogs.

Win at Turnovers and Special Teams

Unfortunately, UTSA won’t drive the ball sixty yards or more down the field on any consistent bases. They’ll need to do what they did last week and shorten the field by getting turnovers and flipping the field in the punting game. UTSA scored three times on drives that originated inside the Rice 35 thanks to turnovers.

Involve Cordale Grundy in the Run Game

We wrote this week about the issues with UTSA’s engine, its offensive line. The Roadrunners aren’t going to fix those issues in the next six weeks, but they can work around them, kind of. In his last four games Grundy’s averages 4.2 yards a carry. He’s not Lamar Jackson, but it’s a better number than B.J. Daniels or Jalen Rhodes are toting around these days.

If you can’t block, don’t. Mix in a little zone read, leave the defensive end unblocked and let Grundy make a read and go. Leave that same defensive end unblocked and run some designed naked bootleg action. Force teams to account for Grundy and you might get more space for Daniels and Rhodes.

Move Ogle-Kellogg Around

When the Cowboys still had Dez Bryant under contract, before he became a full-time twitter influencer, my biggest complaint was the defenses could literally walk out to a spot on the field and wait for Bryant to show up. They didn’t use him in the slot; they didn’t send him in motion, heck, most games they didn’t even switch sides with him. Fast forward to this season and watch how Sean McVay moves his targets around the formation.

Ogle-Kellogg is one of your rare big targets, don’t fall into the trap of thinking big guys should be outside, and little guys should play the slot. Move him to the slot, send him out of the backfield, bottom line, make the defense find him and create matchup issues.

Get a Little Crazy Early

If you’ve got a gimmick, a halfback pass, a double reverse, the played out Eagle Special, try to make a splash with it early to set a tone. UTSA can’t fall behind early. Get out in front, sew a little doubt and make the Bulldogs remember that ass whipping they took last week at home to UAB.

The Roundup…