Week 5 Power Rankings

The field its sorting itself out, and UTEP is still happening. It’s time for our week 5 Power Rankings, the weekly effort to make almost every fan base hate us.


1. Texas

Texas moves into Red River week after surviving a second-half scare from Kansas State who apparently can’t figure out who their best quarterback is. A lot of teams are having that issue. Texas State, we’re looking at you.

Texas A&M.png

2. Texas A&M

The Aggies assume their normal position, staring up at the Longhorns. Texas A&M escaped the impotent clutches of Arkansas and now face Kentucky, now improved and good at football.


3. TCU

The Frogs beat Iowa State to break a two-game slump, but there are issues with this team. They get a week off to figure out all that and turn into the smashing machine we’ve become accustomed to, or let the wheels fall off entirely and register one of those odd four or five-win seasons.


4. Houston

Houston is coming off a bye week and gets a Thursday night kick off with Tulsa. Last year the Golden Hurricanes punched above their weight to beat the Cougars by a lot. If that happens this year, maybe Major’s just meant to be a mediocre offensive coordinator.

North Texas.png

5. North Texas

Louisiana Tech ruined everybody’s buzz last week. Now the Mean Green face a bad UTEP team in El Paso. Nothing gets you back on track quicker than playing the Miners. Just ask…everyone they’ve played the last year and a half.

Texas Tech.png

6. Texas Tech

Oh boy, the Red Raiders had themselves a real bummer of a weekend. Tech lost to West Virginia, Alan Bowman went to the hospital with a collapsed lung, and Tech now has to turn to Jett Duffey for the foreseeable future. The future includes a bye week on Saturday.


7. Baylor

Baylor lost at Oklahoma last week; they’ll try to rebound against Bill “Write what the hell you want” Snyder. A loss on Saturday at home means the Bears are pretenders, a win and the Bears are possibly still pretenders but better than one of the worst teams in the Big 12.


8. SMU

The Mustangs are in for a rough one as they travel to UCF, America’s champion, Saturday. At least the Mustangs have a quarterback they can count on and also Ben Hicks. Two wins in a row feel pretty good, we have the feeling Saturday won’t.



It’s a big week for the Roadrunners, they’ve got a critical CUSA game at Rice, and they’ll try to pull it off with a rebuilt offensive line. Given how their offensive line played, they were in need of an extreme makeover.


10. Rice

Rice needs to put last weekend in Winston Salem behind them, well, everyone except Austin Walter, that dude’s legit. The winner of the UTSA game has a shot to maybe, kind of compete for the middle of CUSA West; the loser gets to fight for the bottom.

Texas State.png

11. Texas State

When the only thing that’s holding you on the cliff is the fragile UTEP vine, you’re in a tough spot. The Bobcats try again vs. Louisiana Lafayette on Saturday.


12. UTEP

The Miners continue to pad the longest active losing streak in college football. This week North Texas, the last team UTEP beat, way back in 2016. If they beat the Mean Green this year, everyone’s rushing the field, even if you’re at home, drive to your nearest field and rush it.

The Roundup…

Posted on October 2, 2018 .