Dirty Work Wednesday - Sometimes you gotta kick'em out

Our weekly homage to the big fellas doing the work you don’t want to continues with a look at some pretty o-line erasing and defensive line mauling. Lunch pails out…

Never send a tight end to do a tackle's job

Meet Charles Omenihu, defensive end, destroyer of worlds, the University of Texas.

They say the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his chest. Omenihu understands that principle and uses it to blow up an unsuspecting Kansas State tight end.

Pass rush and conversely, pass protection is about creating and closing space. Offensive linemen want to create space; defensive linemen want to get into the chest of the offensive protector. If you can get into a lineman’s frame, you can control him.

Omenihu does just that, grabs, shucks him and gets to the quarterback.

The Picket Fence

A&M ran all over Arkansas, but couldn’t find the end zone as often as they’d like. Here’s Trayveon Williams running around untouched because someone, somewhere is doing dirty work.

Arkansas blocks themselves with their alignment, for the most part, their defensive end sets up in the dreaded, “hey hook me!” stance inside the tackle. A&M’s big left tackle Dan Moore combos to the linebacker and combines with Keaton Sutherland to wall off the Razorback defense.

One last note, watch Hezekiah Jones block the corner without laying a glove on him. Man coverage is excellent near the goal line until, you know, you have to come off and tackle somebody.

I need a seal here and a seal here…

TCU’s offense is known for more finesse that direct action these days but plays like this make us all warm and fuzzy.

This is straight up man on man blocking creating an ally for Darius Anderson to run through. Three linemen are working in concert. The money move here is Lucas Niang ragdolling the poor defensive end. But also notice the seal the guard and center get inside, plus the block the tight end gets outside to give Anderson a little more room.

Mack Truck

Daylon Mack’s been a wealth of potential at A&M with flashes of dominant play. Then he’ll disappear for a few weeks. Mack made his presence felt against the Razorbacks on Saturday.

This first clip is an excellent example of how active hands can get a shoulder free in the pass rush. He punches and underhooks his inside shoulder to pass the center and get right into the quarterback’s face.

The second one is Mack providing video evidence that the big man can run. Those are the skills that made Mack a 5-star talent out of Gladewater.

More Dirty Work…