Dirty Work Wednesday: Pick Up the Blitz

Alright, let’s get to it. We had a fair amount of dirty work going down on Saturday. We have taken some of our favorite line/blocking/general badassery plays and compiled them here. Let us get dirty together.

Keenen Brown: Man Blocker

You’ve seen Keenen Brown do just about everything to help his team. This week against New Mexico State he laid out two unsuspecting Aggies on one play because Keenen ain’t got time for nonsense and Aggies running around up to something.

Picking Up the Blitz

Meet Aston Walter, the lesser known of the dynamic Walter brothers from Crosby, Texas. Here’s a clip of Aston picking up a blitzer, a rare skill in today's game and one that pro scouts crave. Walter attacks the blitzer, takes his legs, and makes him think twice about charging in on Walter’s quarterback with malice in his heart.

Picking’em up and putting ‘em down

Same game, but switching sides, this is another Euless Trinity grad doing business. Sosaia Mose plays center for the mean green, right next to his brother Manase. If anyone thought these two were one trick ponies, built for close quarters combat, you didn’t get the memo. The Mose’s can move!

Here Sosaia pulls in front of his back and runs into an unsuspecting defensive back then plows five yards of Apogee turf with him. In an honest moment, a DB will tell you that their greatest fear is one of these dancing bears roaming free in the secondary.

Goal Line

Last one, and it’s a good one. Here’s UTEP, backs against the wall, facing a physical football team in UAB and the Miners make a play.

They make that play thanks to a sacrificial effort of #97 Josh Ortega, who you won’t see because he’s busy making a pile; the never give up effort of Chris Richardson, moving down the line to intersect the back and the fill of A.J. Hotchkins who provides the finishing pop. A year ago, this unit doesn’t make that play. This year, they’re fighting for every yard.

More Dirty Work…