Gear Head: Texas Tech Does It Again with Throwbacks

We’ve had some beautiful throwbacks this year, including the North Texas 1966 Mean Joe Greene’s. Texas Tech pushed their chips into the middle with another throwback to their epic mid-1970s era uniforms.

Hey, look, a video!

Did you hear that? That was the sound of Tech and Under Armour knocking it out of the park. I think they get a free steak. They’ll debut these Thursday night against TCU in Fort Worth.

Here are the particulars:

They are the Red Raiders, after all, so the simple red numbers with black outlines are on point. The helmet stripes with matching side panels in the britches are great. Understated. Clean. Classic. No one’s explained to us why a school like Tech doesn’t go classic like this full time. Texas, Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan, Alabama, USC, Oklahoma, they all wear throwbacks every Saturday, timeless looks.

Full Body.jpg

Here’s a look at the helmet…the stars were merit-based awards players could earn.


For a reference point, here’ the 1974 home reds. They wore these at home against Oklahoma State last year. Okie State, by the way, has lost their ever-loving minds with their uniforms.


Why wouldn’t you full-time these bad boys? I know, because 18-year-olds don’t like’em. You mean the little devils who can’t tell you who won the war northern aggression? Who think Jimmy Carter plays point guard for the Utah Jazz? The ones who couldn’t operate a tape deck let alone a record player? Yeah, cater to that grab bag of dumbasses. It’s enough to make Nick Saban roll over in his grave.

These uniforms work, from 1970 to 1974, in the white helmets, Tech went 37-20-2, played in four bowl games and had an 11-1 season with a Gator Bowl win over Tennessee in 1973.

If Tech played North Texas in a bowl game this year and they wore their respective throwbacks the earth would tilt ever so slightly on its axis, men and women of every religion, creed, and orientation would come together, and for three or four hours everything would fit together like chocolate and peanut butter. As Bret Bielema would say, it would be borderline erotic.

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