Gear Head: Houston Knocks It Out of the Park with Throwbacks

Your Houston Cougars have a history of pretty good throwbacks, including the tremendous arched Houston set from the Sumlin days so when the Coogs announced a new throwback for homecoming 2018 we were giddy. Then the mesh came. Beautiful, authentic mesh-like 1978 came flying out of a Delorean.

Mesh. Glorious mesh!

Others have tried to do mesh, the Cornhuskers and Aggies tried to fake us out, but we know better. As we like to say, nothing says mesh like mesh. We got rid of mesh because we’d developed space-age uniforms that pulled in every direction, wicked away sweat or at least wicked it to one area, and fabrics that were lighter. Somehow in all those technological advances, we lost the ability to make decent shoulder stripes and tv numbers.

Nike does those elements the best, Adidas is awful at it, way too dedicated to that tenth of a gram of weight that those elements might add to restructure their designs. Instead of clean looks like Houston put on Saturday night, Adidas uniforms look like they spent too many cycles in the dryer. They’ve given us the dreaded shoulder pad flapper syndrome that now plagues college football and is technically against the rules.

The helmets, with the thinner yet more refined UH logo is spot on and there’s something about a gray facemask that works. When Houston moved to white facemasks in the early 80s that change gave the Coogs a sharp look that popped, and we favor it, but the gray is a sweet too.

We used to do decent pant stripes, Houston’s a rare team with modern pant stripes, but the blue accent on these is lovely.

All in all a great look by Nike and the Coogs. Feel free to go full time with these if you want to.

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Posted on November 13, 2018 and filed under Houston, Southwest Round-Up.