Dirty Work Wednesday: The Quarterback Must Go Down Hard

Welcome back to our weekly gush-fest for the guys who do the work but don’t get the attention. It’s a paradise for linemen, fullbacks, tight ends, and other guys who do dirty work on Saturdays. Crack open a Schlitz, eat a pork product, and kick a vegan. It’s Dirty Work Wednesday.

Be your own lead blocker 2.0

Last week we showed you the work of Ke’Mon Freeman, a hefty dancing bear from SMU as he drilled a linebacker right in his soul to get extra yardage. This week a Dirty Work regular and American Treasure Halen Steward is back. Every so often Frank Wilson feeds the big fella and lets him carry the rock. Given UTSA’s offensive struggles, Frank might want to consider given Halen a little more of the rock.

Never Give Up, Don’t Ever Give Up

Kevin Kane’s defense gave up 50 to UConn, but hey, SMU still won by twelve. We call that going “Full Kingsbury.” In the midst of all the pointsy-ness, SMU defensive end Delontae Scott had himself an afternoon. Here Scott gets blocked, held, and misses the quarterback, but none of that stops his motor from running. Just as this poor Huskie bastard thinks he’s living free and clear, Bang, 260 pounds of hustle take him down.

Give it to Kane’s defense; they play with effort. Loafing is treason.

Aston Walter, Blitz Killer

Two weeks ago we highlighted Aston Walter picking up a blitz against North Texas. Running backs who can pick up blitzes are a needle in a haystack. If you’re good at it, that’s a useful skill that scouts covet, and quarterbacks love. Here it’s fourth and three, Rice is officially on team gotta have it, and they wouldn’t get it were it not for Walter executing another pitch-perfect pickup. Walter works inside out, he keeps his head up, stalks, and waits until the last minute to take out the defender.

If we’re ever blitzed, we’re calling Aston.

More Dirty Work…

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