Dirty Work Wednesday: Maintain Outside Contain

It’s a Thanksgiving week dirty work Wednesday. Tomorrow we’ll feast on turkey, dressing, and some manner of cranberry product. Today let’s feast on unsuspecting two techniques and quarterbacks. We’ve got three clips from last weekend, and we’re going to start with Mr. Mean Green E.J. Ejiya.

Reestablish the Line of Scrimmage

Watching game film as a player is a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you know you’ve got a play coming that, shall we say, doesn’t put you in the best light. If you’re FAU’s center after the North Texas game, you might skip film altogether rather than see this play on a loop for ten minutes.

This is North Texas linebacker E.J. Ejiya reestablishing the line of scrimmage through the center’s chest, then dispenses with the dead weight, finds the running back and makes the tackle. You might as well put a backup beeper on to warn the backfield of impending doom.

Getting to the next level

They say that a Hallmark of great offensive line play is whether linemen can consistently get to the second level and effectively get on linebackers. Here is a classic zone blocking scheme by the Houston Cougars. The center and guard get to the second level and lock on, and the tackle hooks the defensive end to create a crease for Patrick Carr to run through. Some of you sticklers for the rules might say the tackle holds but out philosophy is rules are malleable and meant for expansion, and the crafty lineman should be a master of the dark arts of liberal hand placement and control.

When you hear a runner described as a “one cut back” this is the idea. Patrick Carr comes in the line, finds a crease and doesn’t fool around dancing or vamping, he plants that right foot and gets north, well, technically south we think given the layout of TDECU Stadium. He’s given the responsibility of beat one man, whether that one man is a linebacker or, as is the case here, a safety. One cut and Carr is gone.

Maintain Outside Contain

TCU’s athletic defensive end Ben Banogu made himself some NFL money and put a few things on tape that pro scouts will love. Here Baylor gets a little tricky with a reverse in an interesting location, near their goal line. Trickeration will not be rewarded when Ben Banogu is on the job.

Notice how he doesn’t chase after the flow of play, stays home and then slow plays the ball carrier closes space and drives him out of bounds. Big men with hips like that get paid big bucks at the next level.

Enjoy your turkey and dressing, but mix in a domestic light beer and remember the folks who do the dirty work.

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