Cougars Continue to Make Money Moves

If the “Kendal Briles to Texas State” story ever had traction, Major Applewhite and Chris Pezman just put it on ice. The great Houston website is reporting that Houston is extending Briles and adding some cream to his coffee by making him a top 30 compensated offensive coordinator.

Details are not forthcoming, but Briles two year contract signed in 2018 had a base salary of $400,000. If the top 2017 assistant compensation packages are accurate, a top 30 compensation package probably puts him in the $600,000 range. A quick look at the 2017 numbers, the average compensation for the top 30 offensive coordinators was nearly $800,000 with the low-end around $600,000.

We assume Houston’s going to open their pocketbooks to bring in a defensive coordinator whose defense plays defense. We can dream, can’t we?

The move is another example of Houston’s willingness to pay to play with the big boys, starting with its facilities and now moving in assistant coach compensation. Briles, in spite of any negative backlash, continues to be a hot name this offseason after the Cougars averaged 46.4 points per game, up from 28.3 points per game in 2017. Briles’ offense was one of the most explosive in the country, and major programs are taking note. The non-majors were as well.

Whether Texas State was serious about pulling the trigger on Briles, the Bobcats certainly raised some eyebrows with their interest. Our bet is Briles will be a head coach sooner than later, but for now, Houston continues to spend with the big boys in the hopes of positioning themselves for the next round of conference realignment.

*Photo Credit (Michael Wyke/Houston Chronicle)

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