Dirty Work Wednesday: All Fullbacks, All the Time

We’re back for our last Dirty Work Wednesday of the regular season. Relax, the linemen, tight ends, and fullbacks will be doing the dirty work even if we aren’t posting about it next week; it’s in their nature to serve humanity. We’ve got four good ones for our last regular season installment, let’s get to it.

The Crotch Drag

In a world where the little guys get to score the touchdowns and the only time the big guys get attention is when they get caught cheating, it’s the simple things that make an offensive lineman’s work worthwhile. In this case, Rice freshman Cole Garcia drive blocks an Old Dominion defensive tackle into a fine paste, then Garcia gets to drag reinforce the point by engaging in the age-old lineman tradition of crotch dragging. It’s a Hallmark card of badassery that you can tell your grandkids about.

Kevin Super Strong Jr.

Here’s North Texas in a potential game-sealing fourth and one situation, aka team gotta have it. If They get a first down, the ballgame is essentially over. You know who’s not going to let that happen, Kevin Strong Jr. Man UTSA is going to miss this guy.

Watch, and Strong gets off the ball quickly, beats a waist bending tackle to the gap, splits it and stops the back before he can ever get going. Boom.

Driving a Backer Back

In A&M’s seven overtime victory against LSU, the Aggies had lots of chances to do dirty work. This one came early. Here’s a guard and verified big man Keaton Sutherland driving off the ball, getting to the next level and locking onto a poor unsuspecting LSU linebacker. Sutherland puts the backup beep on him and drives him seven yards back and into the end zone.

Last one and this might be the greatest dirty work play of 2018.

Two Tight ends, Three Fullbacks, No Problems

You wanna see Intellectual Brutality at its purest sense? Here you go. The Rice Owls get down near the goal line, it’s a third and one, team gotta have it, and Rice goes mega jumbo with double tight ends and a full complement of fullbacks including Roundup favorite Giovanni Gentosi getting the tote.

Notice how the linemen go into full goon squad four-point stances. If you ever see the man across from you in a goon squad four-pointer know this, he has malice in his heart. He’s coming to burn down your village and steal all your bacon. Focus on the interior players, center Shea Baker and guard Jack Greene (our spirit animal). They flush the interior and pave a path Gentosi to ramble through all the way to paydirt. Bring your kids in the room and let them watch this glorious example of what large men can do when given the chance.

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