Grading the Signing Day Twitter Machine Graphics

In an effort to cover the things that really matter we’re reviewing the signing day tweeter tweets from the Roundup schools. You want us on that wall, you need us on that wall. Let’s see how the graphics departments handled signing day.


Pretty sure Baylor put out three tweets per signee, excellent job there. These personalized videos are going to be the new industry standard. This is cool stuff here with the uniform transition and the player interaction. Bingo.

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The gold standard is here. Video game uniform selection, separate highlight frame, music that makes me want bottle service - you’ve done the damn thing Houston.


North Texas

Individual tracks for each player save this. The intro graphics are a little plain and hard to make out but the highlight video is a nice touch.



The Owls continue to step up their game. The mix-ins on the stadium and the city are good looking. They also incorporate Mike Bloomgren and the team as a whole. Nice feel.



The Ponies with moving graphics, a highlight video and even a little distortion thrown in. Big winner here.

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Texas went with the Drake-esque wall of light look. They personalized each message and put a different track on each as well. Tom Herman knows how to tweet.


Texas A&M

A&M followed up the announcement tweet with a reply highlight tweet. That’s en vogue this year apparently. Overall ok, but not quite a crisp as we would’ve like.



Good looking tweet here. They follow it up with a little highlight package in a subtweet. Nicely done, simple look.


Texas State

Excellent use of the jumbled letter effect and as always, bonus points for the state of Texas. Nice, simple, clean look.


Texas Tech

First off, love the throwbacks to kick things off. Tech knows we’re suckers for that look. We can’t help it. Nice moving graphic, the “home of” stuff is a nice touch.

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The Alamodome at night is a great landscape, excellent. Could use a little music, but it moves, it’s clean, nice job. The subsequent tweet with Frank Wilson, Dr. Lisa Campos and the staff in the War Room is epic.

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Yeah, we’ve got no idea what you’re doing here UTEP. We know you signed guys, why not tweet about it.


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