Meet Rice Grad Transfer Shawn Stankavage

Lost in the recruiting hoopla from Wednesday was the news that Rice picked up a pretty sweet grad transfer quarterback in Vanderbilt's Shawn Stankavage.

Rice fans, meet your new hero, full-blown 'Merica top to bottom. 

Like the Biblical figure Samson who drew strength from his head lettuce, Stankavage has cultivated his own power source in the form of a mullet or Canadian Waterfall or Camaro crash helmet. Whatever the nomenclature, it's all business and all party. 

If Stankavage is Samson, then leg injuries have been his Delilah, undercutting his prodigious on-field exploits with setback after setback. But as Stankavage soars eastward to Rice on the back of a lightning bolt, hope is renewed. Mythology is full of great heroes who fought through adversity on their voyage to greatness. Odysseus watched as several men under his charge were devoured by Polyphemus the Cyclops before he overcame his foe with booze and trickery. Batman didn't let being  a billionaire orphan stop him from his journey as a caped crusader. Even Donald Trump overcame the slings and arrows of multiple supermodels and strippers to wrestle the presidency to his grasp. 

Behold the Stankavage approaches, jean jacket in tow, golden arm at his side. A gunslinger is riding into the prairie town of Rice Village to defend a people ravaged by outlaws from Ruston, Denton, and Boca Raton. A hero's coming Owl fans. He may not be the hero you deserve, but he's sure as hell the hero you need. 

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Posted on February 10, 2018 and filed under Southwest Round-Up, Rice.