UTEP Hires Matt Wallerstedt as Defensive Staffer

Dana Dimel continues to surprise us with his staff selections, in a good way. The latest is his bringing in Matt Wallerstedt as a defensive staff member, a position that doesn't count towards the ten assistant limit. These non-assistant coaches are barred coaching athletes, actively coaching during games or practices, and recruiting off campus. What they can do is film breakdown, game planning, and advanced scouting. 

Wallerstedt is experienced, perhaps as much as anyone on UTEP's active staff; he's been the defensive coordinator at UNC Charlotte, Texas Tech, Air Force, North Alabama, and Wyoming. He coached linebackers at Texas A&M and Louisiana Lafayette. Wallerstedt and Dimel played together at Kansas State in the mid-80s. 

Wallerstedt returns to Texas for the first time since leaving Texas Tech, and that's an interesting side story. Wallerstedt resigned abruptly in September of 2014, forced out by Kliff Kingsbury, and within a couple of months, Texas Tech coaches accused Wallerstedt of giving away Tech's hand signals to opponents. There were reports that Wallerstedt had substance abuse issues and perhaps used while on the job. 

After the accusations came to light, Wallerstedt issued a denial of any sharing of signals or information. Within a few weeks, he took a staff position at Louisiana and took over coaching linebackers by November of 2014. 

Wallerstedt's son Cal signed with UTEP a few weeks ago; he's a linebacker from North Carolina, formerly committed to Charlotte. 

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Posted on February 17, 2018 and filed under Southwest Round-Up, UTEP.