A Review of the Roundup's Signing Day Graphics

Because you demand we pay report on the crucial developments in signing day, the Roundup is proud to present our review of signing day graphics from around the state. You want us on this wall; you need us on this wall. 

Compare and contrast with the early signing day period review, you can find it here. Feel free to play along at home. 


It's ok, the old out of focus into focus bit. We long for more Major. 

North Texas

Ok, North Texas, nicely done, a little music, a little Hudl video, well actually a lot of Hudl video. Two minutes worth. Pro tip, at the end of the video fade, that music down, but pretty good. 


We're gonna ding your for the gif. Or is it pronounced gif? Whatever, the short seven-second burst never did anyone any good. Good on you for getting Nissan to sponsor your tweets though, we're big fans of the Rogue. Just in case Nissan's got any more of that sponsorship money laying around. 


Oh, hello there Ponies. This is nice, real nice. Some heavy reliance on the Hudl video but we can't blame you for it. We're suckers for moving pictures. 


It's a clean look, but no sound. Maybe Texas is still gun shy from that whole "Your Twitter Account is Suspended" thing. 

Texas A&M

This is solid, a track reminiscent of the quiet storm on Sunday nights on 97.9  the Box. Nice voice-over work. Classy all the way around. 


Let me introduce you to the next level: TCU got their play by play guy to lay down a track over the high school highlight. OUR. MINDS. ARE. BLOWN. 

Texas State

Well done Texas State. Solid graphic. The Bobcats went with the old Ken Burns effect, gliding us into Wacker Field and then dropped a nice Hudl video. 

Texas tech

This is what giving up looks like. It's a gif, sure, it moves, ok, but it's dull. Kliff you can do better. 


This is our first look at UTEP's signing graphics, and look, UTEP has come out of the dark ages in terms of social media and graphics. Good on them. This however, doesn't gif, or Hudl, or move, or Ken Burns or anything. 


Hello, World!

Listen UTSA, if you're not going to take this seriously just send out a fax or print a newsletter. 

The Roundup...

Posted on February 7, 2018 and filed under Southwest Round-Up.