Wednesday Playcard

Rice expands their recruiting base.

One of the shifts Mike Bloomgren brought to Rice Village is expanding the Owls reach in terms of recruiting. David Bailiff liked to keep to the State, Texas through and through. In the last four recruiting classes of the Bailiff era, the Owls signed four players from outside Texas. Bloomgren, on the other hand, will sign five players and the current Rice staff has offered more than a dozen players total from outside the Lone Star state.

Rice demands specific academic standards and expanding your recruiting footprint can't help but unearth more players who can survive in that environment. The Owls will bring in players from Louisiana, Minnesota, New York, and Florida. Bloomgren's also been active in California, close to his old base at Stanford. 

UTEP using the Resources of the Sun City to Bring in Recruits. 

KVIA has an excellent article on UTEP's efforts to bring in recruits with the help of local resources like the El Paso Chihuahuas. The Miners are also using several local hotels and golf courses to attract recruits. Getting kids to El Paso for visits is the key to dispelling many of the preconceived fears that recruits and parents have about the city. Once there, they see one of Texas' hidden jewels. 

El Paso is a wonderfully, culturally unique city and UTEP itself might be the most picturesque campus in the state. The Chihuahuas ballpark is a sparkling new facility in the heart of downtown. 

Dana Dimel and AD Jim Senter have brought new energy to the football program and the athletic department as a whole. 

Ohio State AD isn't a fan of Jimbo's Salary.

Ohio State AD Gene Smith got some wind in his jaws about Jimbo Fisher's compensation package. Not that anyone cares. "I don’t even put Texas A&M in our sphere because I’m considering Urban's situation with three years left on his contract,” Smith said. “...that’s not even someone that we’re comparing with because it’s so ridiculous." 

Fisher is set to make $75 million over the course of his ten-year contract. What Smith doesn't mention is that Urban Meyer is just a million behind Fisher in terms of yearly compensation base. Of course, everyone is chasing Nick Saban, the Dark Lord himself, who is making over $10 million a year to live in Alabama. We all make sacrifices. 

Bill Connelly Releases His Texas State Preview

With football games gone for a while now, we can take comfort in at least ready for the 2018 season before it happens. SB Nations' resident guru Bill Connelly released his Texas State preview yesterday. There reason for optimism in San Marcos according to Bill, maybe not in 2018, but soon. 

You can read Bill's thoughts here.