Jett Duffey, Three Others Arrested on Criminal Mischief Charge

Authorities arrested Jeff Duffey and three other Red Raiders last night on charges of criminal mischief. Duffey, Quan Shorts, Christian Malik-Shakur Taylor, and Desmon Smith got a free ride in a police car after damaging property and causing drama outside a local Lubbock club, Bash Riprock's. 

A large crowd gathered outside the entrance of the venue, and when police tried to break up the group, the crowd became aggressive. The local police then arrested the four gridiron players and six others after someone smashed a windshield. Duffey allegedly damaged property at an apartment complex just across the street. Intake shows the four were book into jail at different times ranging from 4:15 to 8:00 a.m.

Duffey is competing for the starting quarterback job in Lubbock after sitting spring camp in 2017 due to a Title IX suspension stemming from an alleged sexual assault. The Grand Jury no-billed the charge, but the University moved forward with the Federal suspension. 

Smith is a two-year starter at corner while Shorts is competing at receiver. Taylor is a linebacker on the squad. 

No word on Tech's or Kliff Kingsbury's response to the arrest, but given Duffey's history, that response will merit scrutiny. 

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