North Texas Installing New Turf at Apogee

Wren Baker announced via the North Texas sports website that the University is installing new turf at Apogee this summer. Apogee Stadium will be equipped with the FieldTurf Cool Play surface which promises to be safer and cooler, up to 35 degrees. Texas State installed a similar surface at Wacker Field last summer. 

The playing surface’s top is cooler than its former playing surface, which absorbed heat and caused the surface temperature to rise. The key is using natural cork in addition to the tire rubber infill that's typically used. Cork absorbs less heat, and the manufacturers claim that causes a drastic reduction in heat. 

North Texas' will also redesign their field with the Screaming Eagle now laid over a state of Texas backdrop. The end zones will be Kelly green for the first time in school history as well. The new turf will be ready by early August. 

North Texas opens the season by hosting SMU. 

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