Film Study: Baylor Commit Jacob Zeno

Baylor picked up a big-time commitment from the River City with San Antonio Jay's Jacob Zeno. The 24/7 three-star composite dual-threat quarterback picked the Bears over just about everyone including Georgia, Florida, Texas Tech, Kansas State, Mizzou, and North Carolina plus a ton of other P5 and G5 offers. 

We thought we'd take a look at Zeno's Hudl film to get a grip on his ability. We also saw Zeno up close against Smithson Valley in the playoffs last season. The Rangers had their way with the Mustangs and knocked Zeno and crew out in the first round. 

Here's our usual Hudl disclaimer, bear with us: Hudl videos aren't great to truly asses talent, no one throws interceptions or incompletions in their Hudl videos. What they are useful for is 1) assessing size relative to competition 2) getting a feel for baseline athleticism and throwing motion 3) seeing what a player is asked to do in their high school system. 

So here are a few thoughts on Zeno's Hudl Junior Highlights. See them all here.

- He's listed at somewhere between 6-2 and 6-4, he's looks 6-2 if not taller and his 195 pounds listed weight can't be far off. 

- Zeno has an ultra-quiet lower body which helps his efficient throwing motion. By quiet we're referring to the movement of his trunk and feet in the pocket. He doesn't require a lot of adjustment and set up to get rid of the football. Not a lot of bounce, just efficiency. 

- His motion is compact and quick. Zeno doesn't have to holster and wind-up, he holds the ball in a natural position and lets it go, quick. 

- Zeno's setup also lets him throw fluidly on the run. He's a natural thrower with very little wasted motion. 

- In Jay's offense, he played almost entirely out of the shotgun, like everyone else these days. Jay moves the pocket more and uses a lot of play pass/bootleg action. 

- Jay requires him to throw over the middle and at different levels. Zeno reads quickly and throws to green grass, working his receivers open. 

- Zeno moves in the pocket to throw rather than run. His clock and feet are excellent, doesn't get rushed by pressure and moves with a purpose, eyes downfield. 

- His arm is adequate; he makes up for deficiencies with timing and accuracy rather than a blazing fastball. 

Zeno should continue to draw attention as he moves into and through his senior season. Best of luck to him and the Mustangs in 2018. 

Cover photo: Marvin Pfeiffer /San Antonio Express-News

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