The Roundup's All Hair Team

In the old days, before helmets and face masks, a fullback could let his freak flag fly, grow out his hair, and run about the football field like a Greek God. Now, helmets cover the best lettuce, leaving a shroud of mystery over the game. UNTIL NOW!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you the Roundup's All Hair Squad.  Let the lettuce flow. 

The Holy S**t He Must Shampoo AND Condition Squad...


Breckyn Hager - Texas: The only thing that would make this look better is his old man's neck roll. Ok, and maybe his handle bar too. 


Turner Coxe - SMU: The amount of brushing it must take to get that level of volume, I can't even imagine. 


Josiah Tauaefa - UTSA: The Once and Future King. Mr. Tauaefa's hair once scaled Mount Everest without oxygen using only a number 2 pencil. 

Brandie Davidson - 27-Garrett Kaufman_preview.jpg

Garrett Kaufman - TCU: Mastery of symmetry between the facial and scalp hair is a foolish dream for most of us mere mortals, but not for Mr. Kaufman. In his spare time he plays bass for Danzig. 

The When In Doubt, Highlight Squad

28 Cephus, Aaron 2016 Rice Football_preview.jpg

Aaron Cephus - Rice: Combining a little blond with a little Kid 'n Play high top action. The House Party movies have never received their just due. 


Derrick Tucker - A&M: This takes more planning than I've ever been comfortable pulling off. The blond Christmas tree topper is the gift that keeps on giving. 


Manase Mose - North Texas: Little streak of red, teased out in the front, shaved the sides, bit of a Canadian tux in the back. If only I had the balls to do any of these moves, let alone all four. Well played. 

The All Black Watch Team

Allison McClain - Miller_Cole01_preview.jpg

Cole Miller - Houston: The cohesion of the chin beard with the head lettuce is glorious. Give this man a sword and a dire wolf. 

Denise Mata - Pufahl, Robert_44_preview.jpg

Robert Pufahl - UTEP: Tormund Giantsbane's body double? A real life viking? Championship level drapery? Yes, yes, and yes. 


All Clippies and Rubber Bands Team

BU FB Hasty_JaMycal 2017_preview.jpg

Jamycal Hasty - Baylor: Some say Mr. Hasty possesses magical powers that are unleashed when he lets his hair down. Eagle scouts tie less impressive knots. 

Allison McClain - Chevis_Reggie01_preview.jpg

Reggie Chevis - Houston: Everyday is a new and exciting day for Mr. Chavis. Do I want bangs in the face? Full Rasta? Pull it back? Let it flow? Beard game is on point no matter what. 

Grab Bag.

Bean, Justice - FB16_001_preview.jpg

Justice Bean - A&M: That one kid from Stranger Things grew up and started playing wide receiver for Texas A&M.

Barb is still missing. 


Jalen Guyton - North Texas: Bed hair, don't care. Guyton showing off an abundance of hair while the rest of us live with combovers.He's also auditioning for a role in Trolls 2. 

Denise Mata - Buckingham, Uelese_preview.jpg

Uelese Buckingham - UTEP: This is classic throwback hair to a glorious time when a full swath of lettuce was common place, the 1970s. If Buckingham grew a mustache his picture alone might be potent enough to steal your lady and you'd be unable and unwilling to stop him. 

CARTER, MCLANE_preview.jpg

McLane Carter - Texas Tech: We have two wishes for Mr. Carter - 1) that he only wears tank tops and 2) that a can of Copenhagen is never far from his grasp. 

Rick Poulter - Patton_Caeveon_p17-148-13120_preview.jpg

Caveon Patton - Texas State: When they make the Anderson Varejao biopic, the'll call Mr. Patton to play the lead. Half the girls I went to high school with would've killed for those curls, the other half actually did. 

74 Greene, Jack 2016 Rice Football_preview.jpg

Jack Greene - Rice: Mr. Greene is our spirit animal. This Tennessee Waterfall is everything that makes America great. May the wings of liberty never lose a feather. 

The Roundup...