Tech Running Back Set to Transfer

Demarcus Felton announced on Twitter that he's leaving Texas Tech and heading somewhere else for his final season. Felton should graduate this semester and be ready to head to his new home. He played his high school football at Dekaney High School, north of Houston. 

Felton rushed for 102 yards on 22 carries in 2017. He made three starts in 2016 and missed two games due to injury. He rushed for 354 yards on 64 carries as a sophomore. At 5-7, he's under tall but don't accuse us of heightism; we accept all sizes of running back equally. 

24/7 rated Felton a three-star prospect out of Dekaney. 

The Roundup...

Posted on May 8, 2018 and filed under Houston, Southwest Round-Up.