SMU Adds Wyoming Grad Transfer

Sonny Dykes is killing it on the recruiting trail, putting together what is currently ranked as a top 40 class for 2019. He's also bringing in a haul of grad transfers. Last week C.J. Sanders announced his plans to head to the Hilltop, this week Wyoming lineman Brinkley Jolly announced he'll be transferring to SMU as well. 

The Missouri native made eight starts for the Cowboys during his career, including seven in 2016. He played tackle at 6-5, 295 or 277 pounds depending on where he's listed, having grown into the position after playing tight end in high school. 

A few quick film observations from his start against New Mexico last season:

In pass pro he needs to work on his punch and control to create space, once defenders get into his chest, he doesn't have the legs to hold up. 

He's got a little waist bender in him; he might benefit from dropping weight to help his movement. Here are three examples.

The key to pass pro is a strong set. Good knee bend, back straight, head up. Bad stance = bad strike. Bad stance = off balance. Bad stance = beat. In the each of these clips the set is deficient and sets up a myriad of problems. On the first play, against an outside speed rusher, he doesn't kick step or us his hands to redirect, and he's beaten off the snap. Notice how the defender wins with his hands and gets his hips turned. Against the bull rush, his set doesn't allow him to punch or strike, and when he's overwhelmed, he can't drop his hips and use his elbows to settle the momentum. In the third clip, against a smaller rusher, he has an easier time, stopping momentum by dropping his hips. 

Here are a couple of good examples of Jolly in the run game. 

First, we have a pull, with surprising explosion out of his stance. It's the best movement we saw from Jolly the entire game. Once he's out in space, he finds a target and stays under control to lock on. In the second clip, he takes a good read step in a zone scheme, gets his hands inside the defender's frame and moves him down the line. Hand placement is critical here and maintaining that hand placement saves him from a holding call. 

Jolly is a tweener, probably a better run blocker but lacking the sand in his ass to hold up inside against bigger players. His pass set could use some work, so smaller players will be able to work him to the edge, and larger defenders will be able to bully him a bit. 

SMU opens the season at North Texas. 

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