North Texas goes back to Oklahoma for Another Quarterback

Seth Littrell knows where to fish for talent. Two years ago he went to Oklahoma and found a scrawny kid from Locust Grove who's become one of the best passers in CUSA, Mason Fine. Now he's gone back north of the Red River for another quarter 2019 commitment - Will Kuehne. 

Here are the particulars on Kuehne, he's listed at 6-1, 170 pounds, playing for Owasso. Former Tulsa head man Bill Blankenship coaches Owasso. Blankenship is a legend in the prep ranks of Oklahoma where he coached powerhouse Tulsa Union to seven state title appearances and three titles. At Tulsa, he won a CUSA title in 2012 and coached the Golden Hurricanes for four years. 

After Tulsa Blankenship with to Fayetteville High School in Arkansas and led them to a state title in his first and only year there. Now he's at Owasso, and in his first year, he led the Rams to the state title, becoming the first non-Jenks/Union school to hold the 6A crown in 21 years. In other words, coaching isn't an issue for Kuehne. Owasso runs a pretty sophisticated spread system, and Kuehne is asked to make a lot of decisions and operate in a manner beyond his years. That comes across on Hudl. 

We aren't doing our usual "hey guys Hudl videos aren't awesome for evaluation" disclaimer because we just did. 

Kuehne is a three-star recruit, and according to 24/7, he's got offers from some Ivy League schools, Maryland, and of course, Arkansas State. A quick look tells a few things:

- He's not what you might call tall, 6-1 is about right, if not generous. 

- He's a good athlete, but he's a run to throw quarterback. i.e., he'll make his bones from the pocket, and his movement will be used to get the ball downfield. 

- Kuehne has a smooth throwing motion, an adequate arm, but he throws it free and easy. Beautiful action and it is effortless. 

- He does a great job using his eyes for progression and for moving defenders to create space. 

- You can tell he's drilled on his footwork, he keeps good posture, feet apart, and his knees are bent. Good hips to get his body aligned with his eyes and drive from the ground up. 

- As we mentioned before, he's asked to make a myriad of throws, thankfully not just the all too familiar nines and bubbles that have infested most "spread" teams. He throws to different levels and uses the middle of the field, where few men dare to venture. 

- The 6A Division in Oklahoma isn't exactly deep, but several monsters lurk about, like Jenks and Union. Owasso played those big boys multiple times, so the level of competition is pretty decent. 

I'm sure we're all visual learners, so here are four quick clips to illustrate some of the exciting skills/abilities of Kuehne. 

The Mean Green currently have the number one ranked class in CUSA.

The Roundup...