Ian McCaw Compares Baylor Cover Up to Enron

The stench of the Baylor Sexual Assault Scandal continues to waft about Waco and college athletics. Former Baylor AD Ian McCaw has some strong opinions about how regents and administrators handled the scandal that cost McCaw, President Ken Starr and head coach Art Briles' their jobs. 

McCaw took the Athletics Director position at Liberty after leaving Baylor. Attorneys deposed McCaw and two other former Baylor/current Liberty employees earlier this year. In those depositions, excerpts of which were cited in a motion to compel production of documents filed Wednesday in a Title IX suit against the university, McCaw claimed the Baylor Board of Regents engineered a cover-up to save the good name of Baylor University. 

As to the testimony of McCaw:

  • Baylor offered McCaw the opportunity to continue with the University, even after the scandal broke. 
  • McCaw resigned because he “did not want to be part of some Enron cover-up scheme.”  
  • McCaw claimed that attorneys for Pepper Hamilton, the firm hired to perform the initial audit of the school's Title IX responses, informed him that the investigation would end in one of three scenarios, 1) a detailed report, 2) a summary report, or 3) a "a whitewashing of the whole thing."
  • The University used Briles as a scapegoat and used the scandal to rid themselves of Ken Starr, something they'd wanted to do for some time. 
  • Members of the Board of Regents and Administration attempted to scapegoat "300-pound black football players."
  • McCaw testified how University Police Chief Jim Doak and others discouraged reporting and systematically buried rape reports, concealed them from McCaw when they involved sports, causing McCaw to only learn of them through ESPN.
  • A PR firm retained by Baylor encouraged McCaw to lie. 

While some of the revelations are new and novel, it's the way business is done for a major university. That's why you hire Pepper Hamilton to conduct the investigation, as a means of controlling the flow of information. Hiring Pepper Hamilton is done precisely to whitewash a bad situation until the news cycle moves on. 

You also bring in PR firms to get everyone on the same page. Here's Ken Starr receiving some live coaching during an interview. It's wonderous. 

McCaw isn't as pure as the driven snow in all this. At least one rape victim did, in fact, contact him via email, along with other Baylor administrators, so his claim that he only learned about assaults from ESPN flies in the face of his inbox. 

McCaw also famously texted with Briles about one incident of an alleged physical assault, hoping the Waco Police Department would prevent information leaking out and that it would be great if Waco PD "kept it quiet."

It's important to note that only portions of McCaw's deposition are cited, the full transcript is under seal in the Court's file. 

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