UTEP Unveils New Helmet

UTEP Orange according to the UTEP brand guide. 

UTEP Orange according to the UTEP brand guide. 

A few years ago, the higher-ups at UTEP started to notice that their shade of orange was coming across as red in certain mediums. It's clear in UTEP's style guide that the school's athletic programs were drifting away from the traditional orange. Earlier this year the Miner Athletic Department confirmed the "color correction," and yesterday it made it to the football field. 

The Miners unveiled a new helmet, complete with...not much on it - just a base orange, no stripes, and the UTEP wordmark. 

New helmet!

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We like the glossy finish; we just wish there was more going on. The blue and white center stripe was a classic look, and it's gone now. Dana Dimel informed the team that they would receive pickaxe shaped merit stickers for good plays, academic achievements, etc. similar to what Ohio State and others have made famous. My dad claimed that he came up with the sticker idea in 1967 while coaching at Mercedes High School. We have no way of confirming this.

We give you the least enthusiastic uniform reveal in history. 

We're on record saying that Paydirt Pete is the proper helmet logo of UTEP football, but the Pickaxe introduced last year is pretty freaking great. There are blue and white versions of that iteration. We prefer the blue. We also prefer the name Texas Western University, but you can't climb Everest if you don't start with a few smaller hikes.

If we're getting really inside baseball, there's a version from the late 80s/early 90s with a giant UT flanked by an E and a P that's pretty sweet. 

Anyway, what are your thoughts? On second thought, keep them to yourself or start a blog where you attempt to reunify the SWC. Share them there. 

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