Shameless Plug, Support Your Local Athletic Program

Would you like the bad news? The inequality in college football is not changing anytime soon. To go a step further, the disparity between the haves and the have-nots is growing. The game off the field is rigged in favor of old, land-grant institutions are largely where they are because of advantages that came into being in some form or fashion a hundred or more years ago. They aren't giving up their seat at the table, and they aren't making the table bigger.

For the Group Five schools, we can bluster about a Power Six or how none of these designations matter, but when you start out $30 million in the hole before they cut your first check, you are in a different class. 

So what are you, the fan, alum, or consumer going to do? We suggest you become a disciple of the Gospel of Butts in Seats. Amen. 

The catalyst for changing the system won't come from the NCAA; they can't get North Carolina to stop committing academic fraud. The catalyst is to become something they cannot ignore, and that requires critical mass. Getting to games and investing in your athletic program is as essential now as its ever been. The future of programs depends on it, plus the investment is minimal compared to the payoff. It's the best value in town, and its benefits are far-reaching. 

Athletic departments still depend on the strength of ticket sales, concessions, and ticket fees for a large part of their revenue. That's why most schools fight so hard for home dates that are attractive. A good Saturday at the box office is a tremendous help to the bottom line. 

Add to the that the recruiting implications and the investment pays off even more. Recruits love full houses, and they love enthusiastic fan bases. Lastly, we need each other. It's true. Our tiny technology boxes are great for convenience, but they isolate us from human contact. If football is the front porch of the university, then the socialization component is a critical aspect. Tailgating with friends and family is a great experience, and it keeps those relationships live and active rather than confined to an IOS devise. So, in summation, get out and support your local athletic program. 

We decided to try and make this as easy as possible. 

You can watch Ed Oliver play six times at home for basically $29 a ticket. You can get watch Arizona, Tulsa, Tulane, and South Florida for $17 bucks a game. 

Let's make this easy, click on this button and enjoy the fun. 

Are you a fan or alum of CUSA Western Division Champ North Texas? Watch all six games at Apogee including the Hippogriff Trophy game vs. SMU, Lane Kiffin's band of marauders from FAU, Rice, and Southern Miss for $25 bucks a game. 

Hey look, here's a button for North Texas' tickets. 

What about the those pesky Rice Owls?

Do you want to watch Owls contest the Bayou Bucket, welcome UTSA, UAB, and UAB plus two other dates for $17 a game? Get a family four pack for $12.50 a ticket. You cannot beat that. 

Hey here's a button. 

Sonny Dykes is building the best SMU roster since Dickerson, James, and McIlhenny. SMU has six home dates; you can get a great seat for $37 a game. Sit in the end zone for $16 bucks a game. 

Click it and Ticket.

Texas State is on a mission to win that third game. Follow along inside Bobcat stadium and enjoy the tailgating outside as well. Less than $20 gets in the stadium for all six games. 

All you have to do is click. 

Get in on the ground floor of the Dana Dimel era with season tickets for the Miners. They're a steal at $20 bucks a game. Get a family four pack, and you pay less than $10 a game. 

Enjoy the Sun Bowl by clicking here:

Tired of the heat? Get inside at the Dome. The Roadrunners are a great watch with great beer and a short walk to some great Riverwalk hotels and restaurants. And bars. Season tickets start at $60. 

Look, guys, another button. 

The Roundup...