Texas State/Baylor Agree to 3-Game Series

Baylor announced a home and home with Auburn but don't let that bury the lead on the real story, the Bears and Texas State agreed on a three game set starting in 2021 when Baylor visits Bobcat Stadium, the first Power Five school to do so since Texas Tech in 2012. 

After the Bears visit San Marvelous, the Bobcats travel to Waco in 2022 and 2023. The 2021 game will be the opener for both teams. That season Texas State welcomes the Bears before traveling to UTSA and Eastern Michigan. In 2022, Texas State opens with UTSA then travels to Baylor before a home date against Houston Baptist. In 2023, Texas State opens at Baylor and then travels to UTSA. 

For Baylor, the 2021 schedule plays out with the opener against the 'Cats then a legit Holy War against BYU at home. In 2022 the Bears open with Louisiana Tech, then travel to BYU before welcoming the Bobcats. In 2023, after the opener against Texas State the Bears welcome Utah, then travel to Ruston and Louisiana Tech. 

The Roundup...

Posted on August 16, 2018 and filed under Southwest Round-Up, Baylor, Texas State.