Aggies Owe Us More than This

Texas broke ranks an approached Texas A&M about playing a football game in the not too distant future. This is the college football equivalent to the Soviets calling the United States in the height of the cold war and asking to hug it out. A&M's response? "We can't possibly do that; we're booked up for ten years." By booked up, A&M AD Scott Woodward meant that A&M has pressing engagements with Appalachian State and New Mexico and probably a few Southland foes. 

All this came about after Ohio State called Texas AD Chris Del Conte and backed out of a future series so the Buckeyes could play Notre Dame. After A&M turned Del Conte's offer down, he called Alabama and bang, the Horns and Tide will meet in 2022 and 2023. So Ohio State, Notre Dame, Texas, and Alabama all found a workaround to make a schedule issue work, and the Aggies can't call App. State and say, "hey about that game in 2022..."

They owe us more than that. 

A&M is not solely to blame for the seven-year void of football games between the two pre-eminent powers in the State (sit down TCU), certainly Texas hasn't been exactly chomping at the bit to get the Aggies back on the schedule, but this is the first reported opportunity that one party turned down. 

Clemson and South Carolina, Georgia and Georgia Tech, Florida and Florida State all find a way to play each other in a marquee game on the last weekend of the regular season. None are in each others' conference, and half those teams play under the SEC's scheduling rules. They make it work because it's freaking football and it's good for their respective states.

Aggie fans will say they are holding out for a yearly home and home. Great. But this was a start and instead, the Aggies, who have two openings in 2022 and 2023, turned it down. That's a bad precedent. Texas A&M is now the school that refused to play Texas. Your fans want it, your players want it, every Tom, Dick, and Harry wandering the aisles of your neighborhood Wal-Mart wants it. The perception now is that you didn't.  

The ball is in your court, Scott Woodward. If Alabama, Ohio State, Notre Dame, and Texas can juggle schedules, surely you can. 

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Posted on August 23, 2018 and filed under Southwest Round-Up, Texas, Texas A&M.