Behold: Texas State/UTSA Week is Here, AKA Your Women are still More Promiscuous

Click here to revisit last years bedsheet bedlam.

Click here to revisit last years bedsheet bedlam.

Someday, when you’re old and tired and you’re bouncing your grandchild on your knee, probably drunk. Both of you. You’ll tell them about the great Texas State/UTSA games of the Trump era, when men were men, and bedsheets were billboards.

Behold, it cometh and it brings genitalia and diploma references with it. Do your thing Bobcats. Show us your best UTSA fans. We’re just here watching wildlife in all its natural beauty.

You want us on this wall, you need us on this well.

Looks like UTSA has a new sponsor. That’s a big get Lisa Campos.

Someday the Millennials Will Explain this to us.

Maybe We aren’t So Different After All

We’re trusting her math on this one.

If you didn’t Get that last tweet, this guy’s here to help.

Sensing a theme.

Below the Belt. Literally below the belt.

Apparently we have some accreditation concerns.


Well this isn’t right.

Math makes everything more fun.

Biblical Angle: Check

The Roundup…

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