Week 3 Power Rankings

In honor of James Gandolfini’s birthday, we’re ranking the Roundup squads according to our favorite Soprano’s characters. Well, not so much ranking has compartmentalizing the once and future Southwest Conference teams into tiers. Tiering it out.

Tony Soprano

The patriarch of the family, always in control, always a step ahead even when going through several psychological breaks, Tony was the boss.

North Texas: Get pissed if you must, but North Texas captures a program-defining win in dominating fashion and nearly cracks the Top 25, yes, they are Tier One. Suck on that Chad.

Texas A&M is either genuinely different or the trap in Tuscaloosa is about to spring on the Aggies’ season.

Oh TCU, you had the chance to knock off the Ohio State, but you couldn’t get out of your way. This week’s contest is rather important.

Junior Soprano

The official boss who abdicated power to Tony but kept his hands in the family business and had plenty of ruthless old bastard to go along with a healthy dose of “get off my lawn.” These teams are waiting in the wings to either seize power or crumble into a shell of their former selves. Either way, we have to watch.

The Red Raiders found a quarterback and Kliff secured a must win over the Coogs- all that can fly out the window with a loss against Okie State.

Tom Herman got his signature win against a USC team that was outclassed by Stanford. If Tommy wants a signature win, he’ll need to go through Gary Patterson to get it.

We warned you about Mark D’Onofrio. Anytime no one wants to pay you to coach football; it’s a bad sign. Tech exposed the Houston defense but that Houston offense continues to be next level.

Christopher Moltisanti

Christopher! Couldn’t ever get things straight. Junky, confidant, f-up, Christopher knew where all the bodies were buried but couldn’t keep it together long enough to turn that into anything. These teams have flaws, plenty of them, but they also can have moments of pretty goodness.

That goodwill didn’t last long Matt Rhule. You run into a Power 5 team, and the Bears freak right the hell out.

Three P5 games, three blowouts for UTSA. Frank Wilson continues to force feed two quarterbacks even if that’s not the problem. If you want a problem, look at that UTSA secondary. Woof.

The William Brown era might be coming to SMU. The third chapter of the Ben Hicks era reads like the last fifteen minutes of “The Departed.”

Rice had a bye week at the perfect time. At least they didn’t take a loss this week as everyone else did in the old Moltisanti tier. A trip to Southern Miss gives Bloomgren a chance to spread his gospel of fullback leads once again and triple tight end sets.

Janice Soprano

Let’s be honest; we wanted Janice dead shortly after she entered stage right. She wanted what Tony had and what she couldn’t, and she was perfectly willing to screw things up for herself and the family.

Texas State fell apart in Mobile on Saturday night. A potentially great night for Everett Withers turned into a pumpkin. Bobcat fans are very familiar with the process.

The Miner defense played the part against Tennessee. The offense tripped over the scenery and lost the plot. The Aggies come to town for UTEP next best chance at a win in 2018.

The Roundup…