Gear Head: Another Mean Green Throwback

North Texas does an outstanding job honoring their history and this week is no exception as the team acknowledges the great Mean Joe Greene with a throwback.

The entire football program is throwing back, from the equipment to the coaching staff, heck; even the twitter icon is a throwback. We love the all-consuming effort.

Let’s get into the throwback itself, here’s the helmet.

That logo is great. Simple. Classic. The gray facemask, the green on white, if the Mean Green went to that full time that’s one of the best helmets in football. It’s on part with their current green shell with white facemask look.

Oklahoma, Texas, Penn State, Michigan, Ohio State, Alabama, LSU, they all have a helmet you recognize in a millisecond. Clean, sharp looks that are timeless. This is one of those looks.

Then you’ve got Maryland.

Here’s the full look:

Agent 75.jpg

For a while, aka most of the 90s and 2000s, North Texas went away from kelly green. Dan McCarney brought it back when he took over. That was a smart move. The kelly green is a great shade.

Add to that the Northwestern stripes on the sleeve and the understated but full-length pant stripe, and we’ve got a winner kids.

One last thing, notice the black cleats with the white shoelaces. A genius and historically accurate move. We didn’t have the technology for black shoelaces until 1977 with the Carter administration. USC still sports white shoelaces because they are OG.

Last year North Texas rebranded with new Nike uniforms, they are overall really great, even with the gray top. These throwbacks keep that momentum going and honor the baddest dude to ever come out of Temple, Texas.

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Posted on September 27, 2018 .