Gear Head: Adidas Simulates Mesh

Adidas’ batting average on alternate/throwbacks isn’t exactly above replacement level. They’re back at the plate, swinging for the fences.

Adidas’ tagline has become, “Hey, at least we’re not UnderArmour.” And while that’s true, the International Justice Commission is investigating the three stripe life for what they’ve done to Nebraska and Michigan in the last few years.

Now they’ve come out with their annual A&M alternate, an occasion that is known to Aggie fans as cringe and click day. Who can forget their glow in the dark uniforms that A&M wore during a day game or those god-awful iced out jerseys that looked like MLB’s disastrous “Turn Ahead the Clock” gimmick?


There have been good times. The 1939 throwbacks were cool as were the Junction Boys alternates from a few years back.

Now comes the 1998 throwback, honoring A&M’s Sugar Bowl team that won the Big 12, their last conference title. Yes, that was a long time ago.

Three stripe life designed these jerseys to simulate mesh. Mesh by the way is a fabric that isn’t extinct. You can pick up a roll at your local JoAnne’s Fabric; I know this because aside from my life as a test pilot and a professional leg wrastler, I’m a crafter and when I’m sewing my quilts, a trip to Jo Jo’s sure sets me straight.

More than that, I also have eyes. And I am fully aware that the A&M jersey from 1998 did not have mesh numerals. Nope, those numbers were vinyl, another non-extinct fabric. Adidas apparently doesn’t have access to a reputable fabric establishment or photographs from 1998.

1998 A&M KState.jpeg

Bottom line, the only substitute for mesh is mesh. Now the bigger issue is this design is a retread from what Adidas put together for Nebraska just last season. Although of course from 1995 to 2017, Adidas lost the technological ability to create sleeve stripes or shoulder numbering. Bummer.


Using a previous template is fine, perhaps preferable than setting Adidas’ R&D loose on another new design, except A&M is allegedly the most lucrative college football program in all the world. That’s an account Adidas would want to keep, like Michigan which they lost or UCLA, which left for UnderArmour last season.

Maybe the Aggies should ask for a little more than warmed up leftovers.

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