If you’re a frequent visitor to our little site, you’ve probably noticed we’ve been a bit lax in our coverage. We apologize. Better said, I apologize. I’m a one-man team, and life gets busy. It’s hectic now, and while I love the creative outlet, writing is taking a back seat to other things. We’ll call it a hiatus, maybe permanent, maybe brief, but I’m taking a break.

For my readers out there thank you.

It’s been fun writing about the sport and the state I love, cheering for the little guys, and engaging in a bit of delusion that the SWC could exist again. I enjoy writing about the heroes I grew up with, and the legendary Saturdays before market shares and the evil four letter started to dictate culture.

Time is the one element that we cannot begin to control, and if you spent any of your valuable time here, I appreciate it more than you could imagine. Maybe we’ll kick this off again when the time is right, but if not, thanks.

Posted on January 23, 2019 .