Baylor Unveils "Baylor United" Uniforms

We’ve got our first taste of the 2019 uniform changes, and that taste is bland.

Meet the “Baylor United” uniform set, straight out of Waco. The Bears, not unlike the Germans in the 1930s, have come up with a singular uniform, font, and logo set for the entire University. The movement apparently means the end of Sailor Bear, traditional Baylor gold, and a general dullness - not unlike the Baylor offense.

Well hell, let’s take a look. The Bears are doing away with the gold, the gunmetal, striping, and any semblance of fun.

Look! A snazzy video!

Baylor has become the West Virginia of the West! No stripes, no design interest, just a dull, boring, design on an alleged high tech fabric. The tweeter reaction on the interwebs has been…shall we say…lukewarm? Basically, the takeaway is “as long as they win, I guess these are ok.” That’s the kind of scintillating reaction that you’re looking for when you rebrand your entire athletic program.

Let’s count the Nike logos!

Let’s count the Nike logos!

While these are the “#BaylorUnited” uniforms, they don’t have a lot of Baylor on them. The most noticeable logo on the set is that ever present Nike Swoosh. Nothing else screams, yells, says, or whispers “Baylor.” Maybe that was Nike’s plan all along.

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Posted on April 27, 2019 and filed under Baylor, Southwest Round-Up.