Get Ready for Primetime D'Eriq

The great thing about labor day weekend is it’s THE college football showcase. The NFL is still playing glorified scrimmages; baseball is in its dog days, and football fans are itching for America’s game. They get all they can handle on labor day weekend from Thursday through Monday night. By Sunday night, with a holiday on Monday, folks are ready to sit back and usher in the unofficial end of summer with a primetime college football game.

D’Eriq King

This year they’ll tune in to watch Oklahoma. To see whether the Sooners can reload at quarterback for the third straight season with another transfer - this time its former Alabama and Channelview quarterback Jalen Hurts.

For a lot of those fans, they’ll get their first look at Houston quarterback D’Eriq King. Get ready for Primetime D’Eriq. For America, get ready to meet D’Eriq King.

For all the sleights, whether they involve magazine covers or Heisman hype, none of those matter because Sunday’s coming. King and the Coogs have a chance to make a statement.

King was undeniably one of the top eight quarterbacks in college football last season, even as a knee injury cost him games down the stretch. He’s electric and in primetime, against a blue blood, he gets to show the country what Houston fans are well aware of - he’s special.

By now I’ve rehashed the numbers dozens of times on this site, the Kliff’s Notes version is that King is dynamic. If not the most dynamic quarterback in college football, the list is very short. That’s not a subjective opinion; the numbers and the tape do not lie.

Sunday night plays right into King’s and Houston head coach Dana Holgorsen’s hands. The fourth-ranked Sooners, playing in front of their home crowd, are expected to jump-start another run to a Big 12 title and a second straight playoff trip. Holgorsen lives for these moments, in a lot ways Sunday night is why he came back to Houston - to elevate the program to the next level. If he can’t, he’d like to get off some shots on his way out.

It’s 6:30, on ABC, in front of the eyes of the nation, the Sunday centerpiece, no distractions, college football is back, and Houston takes center stage.

America, get ready to meet Mr. King.

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