Go See a Damn Game

Newsflash, attendance at college football is decreasing even while the game enjoys incredible popularity. That’s not great news for 90% of college football, especially if your university isn’t a massive land grant institution formed during the John Ireland gubernatorial term back in the 1860s.

For the Group of Five, left out by the Power 5 Syndicate and their media mogul bed fellows, that means you’re starting roughly $30 million in the revenue hole before toe ever meets leather. That’s a conservative estimate. You can let that number defeat you and turn to the MLS for your sportsing or you can do something about it - go to a damn game.

It’s inexpensive and right now schools are doing all sorts of things to get your but in that seat. We’re making it easy for you here at the Roundup because we know our readers don’t like hard things. We’re giving you links to every ticket office so you can let your keyboard do the walking and your nearly maxed out credit card do the talking.

You’re welcome.

Baylor fans click here!

With Baylor’s “Mobile Pass” you get season tickets for $199 bucks, the lowest average ticket price guaranteed. Matt Rhule is ahead of schedule on his rebuild and you get to spend an afternoon at pound for pound the best venue in the Big 12.

Houston fans click here!

D’Eriq King, if you’re into statistics and productivity, is one of the top 5 quarterbacks in all of college football. AND the mad scientist himself, Red Bull chugging, bizzaro Matthew McConaughey looking, Dana Holgorsen left a damn Syndicate outfit to coach the Coogs. I have no idea why a football fan, let alone a Cougar fan wouldn’t be all in.

North Texas fans click here!

I can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t get Apogee this season either. First off, Mason Fine is going to continue to make history with one of the most potent offenses in the country. Second, Thanos jawed Seth Littrell didn’t leave. Yet. Plus, have one of the best ADs in college athletics building stuff all over campus.

Rice fans click here!

Want to see the kids grow up? Rice is your squad. The Owls are a year away from competing with a ton of young talent on both sides of the ball. Plus you get to watch as the MOB openly mocks everything from the Railroad Commission to Title IX deficiencies.

SMU fans click here!

Shane and Sonny, together, throwing dimes all over the AAC! What’s better than that? How about James Proche, the best receiver in the state. Pop your collar and enjoy the Boulevard before heading over watch Buechele, SMU’s new hotshot quarterback, run the Pony fun and gun offense.

Texas fans click here!

Get in now before they jack up prices to pay for that new south endzone complex. Texas is back, that’s no longer a jab, they are. Plus the Horns get LSU at DKR this season to deal with Sam Ehlinger and what should be an elite Texas offense. If you like future NFL defensive backs, feast your eyes on #DBU.

Aggie fans click here!

Jimbo’s out here swinging his sword, taking on all comers, speaking in colloquialisms, and wearing a v-neck. Last year he finally helped A&M vanquish LSU, watching the pain in Coach O’s eyes was worth every penny. This year Bama comes knocking to College Station. This Aggie program is on a path to something big; yes, you’ve heard that before, but this time it might be true. Maybe.

TCU fans click here!

Gary Patterson and the little engine that could kick your ass is back. If he can find a quarterback out of the passel he’s got on his roster, this team might contend for a league title. The Sooners and Longhorns have to get through Fort Worth this year if they want to get to the playoff.

Texas State fans click here!

Buy a ticket, make yourself a “Fire Teis” iron-on t-shirt, and get yourself escorted out of Bobcat Stadium. The product on the field might be more entertaining than the forced removals from the bleachers. The ‘Cats have one of the best defenses in the Sun Belt and one of the most innovative offensive staffs in school history.

Texas Tech fans click here!

Red Raider fans let out a collective “WHO!?!” when the administration hired Matt Wells. Hopefully by now they realized that Wells can coach a little bit, and maybe even deploy a defense that isn’t an interstate highway to the endzone. Plus our guy Alan Bowman now has two working lungs.

UTEP fans click here!

There was a time when the Sun Bowl was the toughest venue to play in for a WAC or CUSA opponent. Dana Dimel’s rebuilding the squad, slowly, but this year’s team will have more and better athletes than any in the last two or three years. Plus Jim Senter and the Athletic Department renovated the Sun Bowl (the best venue in CUSA) and eased the regulations on tailgating.

UTSA fans click here!

There was a time when the Dome was a destination for San Antonio sports fans. It can be that way again. Forget about Frank Wilson, focus on Frank Harris, the Roadrunner sophomore quarterback who might just set CUSA on its ear. He and Brendan Brady make this legitimately San Antonio’s team in 2019.

So get out, go to a game, have a beer, they’re legal now in most stadiums. The food’s better too. But whatever you do, go and put your butt in a seat. Next time we’ll talk about supporting the athletic department with a donation, but these are baby steps, just focus on your butt in a seat, drinking a beer, with several thousand of your closest friends.

The Roundup…